Our release team crafted the first official and supported version of infinimesh cloud yesterday. The release is available in our public github repo:


This release includes many bug fixes and features:

  • UI enhancements (Display of IDs for Accounts and Namespace, Refresh button on the devices page and other minor bug fixes)
  • New UI with various themes
  • Addition of Ownership transfer APIs for Accounts and Namespaces
  • Enhancement to device connection code for MQTT to make sure the connection checks for device status
  • Change of Query string parameter for GET Devices from namespace to namespaceid.
  • Disable / Enable devices (physically disconnect devices, e.g. going rouge or being hacked)
  • Persistent layer now stores payload() in byte and messageid() for better audit
  • New administrator functionality
  • New tabs for Account and namespace management
  • Bugs fixes from previous versions (check the release page on GitHub)


Additionally we did a major UI rework, which resulted in a clear and dynamic, user centric UX experience. Our user can now group / search devices by tag and apply actions like disabling complete fleets. This comes in handy when devices are compromised or misbehave, like using metered connections in an usual way. Using this feature will immediately disconnect the device(s) and further block them from connection to our infinimesh namespace. This prevents, as example, the spreading of virus or compromising whole fleets.

The detail overview about a particular device now includes direct state messages (desired state) as well as direct command to the device. This can be used to force updates, reboots or other emergency functionalities.

About infinimesh cloud

infinimesh cloud is an opinionated multi-tenant hyperscale Platform to connect IoT devices and processes the date securely. It features a unique Graph-based authorization system, allowing users & engineers to create arbitrary hierarchical ontologies, with the possibility to scope permissions down to single sub-devices to specific users (e.g. suppliers). It exposes simple to consume RESTful & gRPC APIs with both high-level (e.g. device shadow) and low-level (sending messages) concepts.


Infinimesh is always under development – we never stop to make the best IoT and AI platform in the world. All development is open source and completely transparent on GitHub. Our API’s (REST / gRPC) are considered als beta and may change in future. Infinimesh cloud has already available:

MQTT support for version 3 and 5
User defined subtopics (MQTT 5)
State management (digital twin)
Graph-based permission management (multi-dimensional permissons at data layer)
TLS 1.2 / 1.3 support
Device-to-Cloud and Cloud-to-Device messages
Integrated persistence data layer

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