Meet our cmo!

Interview with MARKO SARSTEDT ✔️ I amMarko and I’m responsible for marketing and financing at Infinite Devices. ✔️ IoT is important becauseit will change how we communicate and shape our everyday life. ✔️ The best about being part of a… Read More »Meet our cmo!

Meet our CEO

Interview with BRUNO KRAMM I am Bruno Kramm, the CEO and Co-Founder of Infinite Devices. IT and technology have inspired and driven me since my youth. My responsibility is to define new markets for our IoT platform and keep the… Read More »Meet our CEO

Meet our founder

Interview with ALEXANDER ALTEN-LORENZ I am the founder and CTO, a non- emotional nerd with high IQ and low EQ. IoT is important because it will connect everything and anything, therefore it’ll transform the world into a much better place.… Read More »Meet our founder